One of the fastest C/C++ compilers out there

VectorC is a high performance C/C++ compiler which offers the fastest possible gains from the latest in processor features without having to use assembly language. VectorC recognises parallelisms in standard C/C++ source code and generates vectorized code for the supported CPUs.

Create super-fast SSE, SSE2, MMX and 3DNow

Enhanced applications from standard C/C++ source code

Mix and match

VectorC{PC}, Visual C/C++ 6.0 and GCC compiled C/C++ source code

Codeplay Portable Intrinsics

Develop vector code that can be recompiled for all PC processors and PlayStation®2

As a 'smart compiler', VectorC automatically utilises advanced CPU features and negates the need for time consuming assembly language programming. VectorC{PC} also supports our Codeplay Portable Intrinsics. These intrinsic functions generate vector instructions from C/C++ source code. But, they are portable, so you can recompile for different vector instruction sets and even non-vector instruction sets as well.

VectorC is normally used within Microsoft Visual Studio™ 6.0 , and offers 100% compatibility. It can be used as a replacement for the Microsoft Visual C/C++ compiler, either over the whole project or on a per-file basis.